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Commercial Management

Commercial management service for owners of strip mall, retail, office, and warehouse buildings.

JRealty Property Management

How do you market and advertise vacancies?

Our advertisement strategy is built on the needs of the each building. At a minimum, we add our vacancy listings to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

JRealty For Lease Sign

We also advertise, either directly or through syndication, on Realtor.com, youtube.com, Craigslist (top-posted every Mon, Wed, Fri), Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Postlets, ListHub, our own website http://jrealty.org, and many other websites. Our online advertisements usually have one video and unlimited pictures.

How do you underwrite a unit?

We have a sophisticated underwriting, risk analysis and reduction platform. Our Lease Agreements are strong yet legally enforceable.

How are rental payments received?

Our Tenants are encouraged to pay rent via ACH transfer agreement which automatically withdraws rent payments from the Tenant’s checking or savings account. Tenants can also pay-by-phone or in person with any major credit card or checking account.

JRealty also accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and more.

JRealty For Lease Sign

How do you screen your Tenants?

Our policy is publicly available and published here: http://goo.gl/vIj7xc. With rare exception, we recommend Tenants to have a minimum Experian score of 650 and a maximum Rent-to-Income ratio of 32% . We also take into consideration the length and type of employment, length of previous residence, previous rent amount, pets (number and type), and more when forming an opinion about the risk of each applicant.

JRealty CoreLogic Screening

Each tenant must complete a detailed application which examines current and previous housing, current and previous employment, and much more. We summarize the application and provide insightful analysis to quickly and fairly evaluate all Potential Tenants.

Tenants are screened using CoreLogic and Experian. Experian is one of three major credit reporting companies. Here is a sample report with description: http://goo.gl/IXqdvN

 Experian credit reports

How are evictions handled?

Our pre-screening process and requirements dramatically reduce the likelihood of eviction occurrence. If desired, the Owner can obtain has final approval of each Tenant before a lease agreement is signed.

For non-performing Tenants, we always try to get possession and reduce prolonged legal conflict and for that reason we post a letter http://sdrv.ms/1dgj2em along with the 3 day notice to pay rent or quit http://goo.gl/be9tSR. If the Tenant does not pay rent before the end of the 3rd day, we forward the case to an eviction service company with no markup on cost.

How is maintenance handled?

Repairs are completed on a timely basis as the tenant or property owner requests them. If the request comes from a Tenant, we notify you in advance of any repair that exceeds a predetermined Threshold.

JRealty Maintenance Process

We have an advanced, custom built SalesForce system to keep track of all maintenance tickets and our process focuses on seamless communication and approvals by and between Landlords, Tenants, and Vendors. 

Can JRealty perform a complete turnover of a unit?

Yes we can. We have in-house handymen and also have relationships with numerous contractors in many disciplines including plumbing, electricity, and general contractors. The complete turn-over of a unit usually requires a larger proposal and approval process. We do solicit multiple bids on larger projects in order to ensure costs are kept a minimum.

When do you inspect the property

We inspect exterior based on the size of the property and complete an inspection report with pictures and description.  We inspect interior (of units) once per year, and before a tenant moves in and out. We complete CAR Form MIMO (Move-In Move-Out) and take many photos when the Tenant moves in and when moves out. 

JRealty security deposits

This package in order to documents the current condition of the unit and helps determine what, if any, future deductions in security deposit are reasonable. We then email the entire pictures plus MIMO package, along with email summary to the Tenant and Owner, and keep the originals in our files

How and how often do you make disbursements?

Disbursements depend on the size of the building and when rent payments are made. If payment is due on the 1st calendar day of the month, then the disbursement is usually around the 6th calendar day of the month. Our disbursements are made electronically and deposited directly into one or more owners’ accounts.

When and what financial reports will I get?

We email financial statements, copies of invoices and receipts, every month. At year-end, JRealty will provide you with Form 1099-MISC and year-end summary reports for accounting and tax reporting purposes.

What type of accounting software do you use?

We use AppFolio accounting software which gets great reviews from our clients. All of your property history is provided every month in reports that are easy to read and neatly organized.

JRealty uses appfolio


What if a unit is vacant?

Our management fee applies only if rent is collected; there is no fee if a unit is vacant.

Is there an owner security deposit?

A reserve amount is funded and held in the Broker’s Trust account to offset the potential cost of some maintenance items. This fund is for the benefit of the owner and is returned to the owner upon termination of the management agreement.

What bills do you pay for on my behalf?

JRealty pays and accounts for (at Owner's expense) all expenses including utility bills (if any), trash, water, sewer and/or bills from any other service provider bills



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